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Monday, 15 July 2024


Customer Feedback: The Monash Business Incubator

Monash Incubator

Argo Computing Services gives you the power to conduct surveys online – an easy way to collect crucial information for all your informed decisions.

John Muscat, Centre Manager at The Monash Business Incubator recognises the importance of staying on top of customer service provision.  “By using Argo Computing’s survey to capture detailed statistics we’ve measured essential responses to identify possible areas for improvement. This was the quickest and most effective way to perform a brainstorming session, tapping into our customers’ needs and expectations without imposing on their valuable time.”

Argo Computing Services has been developing electronic business solutions for Australian clients since 1998.  “We are passionate about building systems which allows you to conduct business electronically using the most advanced methods and techniques available to IT,” says Boris Petukhov, founder of Argo Computing Services.

If you need to improve your business growth and competitive edge with a greater understanding of how your customers think and what they need Boris and Olga Petukhov’s flagship product - DC Portal® - is the answer.

Some of its diverse applications can be applied if you:

  • Need to boost profits or to improve the quality and range of products and services.
  • Need to get essential customer feedback/improve loyalty/customer satisfaction?
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